Things are growing in the basement, too!

November 26th, 2012 in HomeArticle by 0 Comments

Since we visited Taylor Creek in February to learn how to stratify and scarify seed, seed from the garden and from a native prairie in Cross Plains have been been warming it up and putting down roots in the basement.  With heat mats and a 400 watt sodium lamp (thank you DVR!) we have started White Aster, Brown eyed Susan, Black eyed Susan, Blue stem Grass, Prairie Drop Seed Grass, Common Milkweed, Rattlesnake Master, Blazing Star, Wild Indigo and Cream Gentian.  We still have are fingers crossed on Winged Loosestrife, Sunflower, Wild Quinine, Thimbleweed, and Spirea.

It has been very exciting to try several methods of stratification.  We have now started collecting rain water, to water with, too.    Shameka or Brittany light things up in the morning.  Britt waters, as needed.  Andrea puts the  plants to bed at night, and waters, too.  This week we will begin to transplant to pots!

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