About Britt

Britt-webBrittany Romine was born in 1991 in Milwaukee. WI. Due to her birthmothers’ addictions, Brittany was born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Brittany and her siblings were put in foster care in 1992, and Brittany, along with one of her sisters, were adopted by Andrea Romine, in the fall of 1996. The family has lived in Stoughton, WI since 1997, adding a little brother in 2001.

Brittany attended Stoughton schools. She has developed a learning style over the years with her teachers. She is a visual and experiential learner, learning better by pictures and hands-on rather than reading.

Britt, as she is known, is very concerned about the environment and how it is impacting animals. Part of the reason she enjoys her business so much, is that she knows she is helping the environment by avoiding the use of chemicals as much as possible, creating compost, adding plants to the area, and keeping excess storm water from the Yahara River.

In her spare time, Britt likes to bowl, watch CNN on TV, peruse the Internet for the latest technology, and cook. Britt’s true passion is big cats-especially tigers. Hence, Tiger Lily Seeds is the name of her business. She would like to travel to see lions or tigers in their natural habitat someday, and knowing Britt, she will.