Planting Instructions

Instructions For Planting Our Seeds And Plants

Soil Preparation:  Like any type of garden, a well-prepared soil makes the difference.  Remove any large debris.  Kill and remove any grass sod.  Till and rake the soil until an even surface is achieved.

Seed:  Starting from seed is the most cost effective way to start your native planting; however, it requires time and patience. Most species we carry are perennials, meaning that will come back each spring for many years.  As perennials, the plants will grow slowly and may take several years to mature and flower.

Planting Seeds:  Planting these seeds is very similar to planting other types of seeds, small seeds are planted very shallow and large seeds are planted deeper.  A good rule of thumb is to plant the seed the same depth as the seed’s thickness.  For example, a 1/16” thick seed is planted 1/16” deep. A light straw mulch is recommended for late fall seedings.

Transplanting Plants:  Using plants can give you nearly immediate results. Fresh plants and rootstock should be planted two hours before sunset when frost is no longer likely.  Dig a hole slightly larger than the container the plant is growing in.  Set the plant at the same depth as it grew in the container. Pack the soil lightly around the root mass. Keep the plants well watered (soil damp, but not muddy) for the first two weeks. A light straw or bark mulch may be used to reduce weeds and retain soil moisture

Watering:  Periodic watering for establishment in dry years will benefit seedling and plant growth.

Care:  Once plants are established they will require minimal maintenance.  Remove any large weeds, especially if they flower and set seed.  If weeds become a problem in seedings you can mow during the first two years to a height of 10-12 inches.  This will benefit your perennial plants by providing more sunshine.

Restoration:  If attempting a small or large scale high quality restoration, or if you have any questions, please write or call us for more details at 608-897-8641 /